Common Practices That Damage Your MacBook

The MacBook’s operating system support allows it to function for a timeframe of 7-8 years. However, this depends on how you use it. A laptop that is only used for basic tasks such as watching movies or browsing the web may last 7-9 years. However, a laptop used for intensive tasks such as gaming, animation, or multimedia editing may only last 5-7 years. Certain harmful practices, such as mismanaging your laptop battery or overusing its storage may also reduce the lifespan of your laptop. So if you want to maximise your laptop’s lifespan, here are a few common habits you need to avoid.

Common Practices That Damage Your MacBook

Not Cleaning Dirt and Dust

An excessive build-up of dust in your laptop’s internal hardware may obstruct its airflow and cause it to overheat. To avoid this, make it a habit to clean your laptop’s internals every now and then. Using a screwdriver, remove the bottom cover of your laptop, then inspect the inside. Gently blow at the areas with accumulated dust. You can also use cotton swabs to remove any stubborn dust clumps.

Mismanaging Battery

MacBooks make use of lithium-ion batteries, which tend to chemically degrade over time. When you overcharge or drain your battery, you may speed up the chemical degradation process. For instance, repeatedly draining your battery levels to 0% may cause it to fall into a state called deep discharge, which limits its ability to hold a charge. On the other hand, keeping your laptop plugged in 24/7 may stress the battery out. When too much electricity courses into a battery, its likelihood of swelling increases.

As much as possible, keep your battery levels between 20% and 80%. If you want to elongate your battery life further, you can also use the battery settings on macOS to optimise your device’s energy consumption. You can change the Energy Mode control to Low Power, which reduces the power output of your laptop whenever it runs on battery. A mode called Energy saver also gives you the option to keep your screen dimmed or put hard disks to sleep.

Using Third-Party Chargers

Knowing that excess energy can cause batteries to swell, Apple developed additional safety features, which are built into the components of their chargers. The printed circuit board or PCB layouts in official MagSafe Apple chargers include smart microprocessors, which are responsible for monitoring how much current flows through the charger. If the microprocessor senses that something is wrong, it shuts the charger down.

MagSafe technology is currently licensed by Apple. Therefore, third-party developers do not have the resources to recreate the MagSafe charger’s safety features. Though some developers have attempted to add their own safety mechanisms, the chargers they create are inferior in quality. If you don’t want to risk overcharging or destroying your MacBook’s battery, do not use chargers built by unofficial sources.

Not Optimising Your Storage

When there are too many files on your computer, it will tend to run slower. To keep your storage clean, you need to first manually remove any unneeded files on your system. You can also let cleanup utility tools like CleanMyMac X remove any data that accumulates. Once these files have been deleted or transferred, permanently remove them from your system by emptying your trash bin.

If you don’t want to permanently remove your files, you transfer them to an external hard drive. USB flash drives might also work if you don’t have to store too many files. This way, you can give your computer more space while also backing up your files for safekeeping.

The average MacBook was designed to survive for a little less than a decade. However, failing to properly care for the device can reduce its lifespan. Take care of your MacBook by cleaning up dirt accumulation, managing its batteries properly, and optimising your storage.

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