Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology plays a very essential role in our day to day life. Modern Technology is used in everywhere from our car to the airplane. Technology has advantages and disadvantages. In other words technology changes our lifestyle as we compare to the last century. Through technology we save human life, increase in productivity and create more jobs. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

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Advantages of Modern Technology

Increased Profits on Business

If we doing business then we also focus on profit, and without profit none of the business is survive. Modern technology helps to increase our productivity and sales. So we only focus on increase our revenue and profit. In this competitive world without new tech, we cannot survive and compete with our competitor.

Save Time and Money

Modern technology saves time and money for example use of computer we reduce our obstacles and do the heavy calculation in a fraction of time as compared to manual work done by humans. With the use of Computer, we reduce the error and all the work are automated and more efficient.

Improvements in Medical Field

We will reduce the number of deaths and accidents due to modern technology, for example, doctors operate their patient in remote areas. Where a highly experienced doctor is not available. Even today’s technology is far better and more advance, Now doctor remotely operates their patient.

Technology Help to Communicate between to Language

Technology helps to communicate between to language. Through the technology, we can communicate to the another language. For an example if we travel the USA to China then we suffer a lot in communication. Most of the Chinese people don’t know English. And technology help as to communicate.

Create More Jobs

Technology growing very fast as we compare to the last two decade. More and more new startup and new company have emerged. This creates opportunities to create new jobs. In the last ten years, lakhs of jobs are created. It is due to modern technology.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology

It is true modern technology is changes our lifestyle. However it has some disadvantages too.

Threat to Human Life

As we develop our war tactics are changes. We develop Nuclear Bomb, Chemical and Radioactive weapons. It’s the biggest disadvantages of modern technology because of this all the human being are vanishes. If atomic war is starting.

Privacy issue

In modern technology, there is no privacy at all. Our smartphone always sends and pingback our location to the servers. Anyone can easily track our location, which phone we use our IP address with tracking software.

Decrease in Creativity

We are more and more dependent on computer and technology it decreases our creativity skill. Most of the work done by computers we just do command and computer complete that task. Like, create a digital design, automatic article creation and lots more.


We know there are thousands of advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. However we did not discuss all the advantages and disadvantages. Technology simplified our life and connectivity and increase our lifestyle and way of living.

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