8 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC 2023

You want to play Xbox one game on the windows 10 computer and searching for the best Xbox One Emulator for your Windows PC, then you landed in the right place. In this article, we can discuss the best Xbox emulator for windows 10 PC with full features and detail. Xbox emulator emulate Xbox games into your PC without the need to punches Xbox one console.

If you search Xbox One or 360 Emulator on the internet, then there are many results come on the search engine. But you will be confused about choosing the right one. All the Emulator are tested personally by us and handpicked the top 10 Xbox emulator for Window PC.

Before start whose don’t know what emulator is? How its work and features? After you understand how emulation work and feature then you can select the best one.

Xbox One Emulator for PC

What is Xbox one Emulator?

An emulator is a piece of software that behaves and assume like other devices such as Xbox one gaming console or other console or device. The best example of emulation is DosBox and Ipadian. With the help of the Dosbox you can play dos games and application on the modern computer.

The best emulator provides the same interface like the original Xbox one console. An emulator is a software, not the hardware device so you can feel some leg in between the game. But if you have the high configured computer then the legging disadvantage is almost solved and it improves the overall gaming experience.

Advantage of Xbox one emulator

  • Support all games: You can play almost every Xbox one and Xbox 360 game in the emulator
  •  Full HD: All emulator support full HD experience and it increases the visual gaming experience.
  • Free of cost: No need to buy Xbox one console and most of the emulator is free to use.
  • Leg free experience: If your computer has high configured then emulator give leg free experience.

Best Xbox Emulator for Windows 10 PC


xeon xbox emulator

XEON emulator is one of the most trusted and highly popular emulators in the gaming community. XEON is a widely use emulator more than millions of users worldwide. It supports almost all the game of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming console. 

It comes with inbuilt backup creator so you can save all the game progress. You can run all the games without legs and glitches and it increases the overall visual gaming experience. Xeon is one of the stable emulators for windows and DOS operating system.


  • It supports both Windows and dos operating system.
  • You can save your game progress through the backup creator.
  • Emulator is very stable.


  • Developer has stop updating.
  • It is the only emulator to emulating NTSC version of the halo.

2. CXBX Emulator

cxbx xbox emulator

CXBX is also a highly popular emulator in the market. Everyone says it’s an emulator but actually is not an emulator. Basically, CXBX converts Xbox one games into Windows executable file. Therefore all the game you play in CXBX its convert into native windows game. Hence no virtual environment in between the game you play. It increases the gaming experience and decreases the legs in between the game. Its support only five games and they are Battle Cry, Futurama, Smashing Drive, Turok and Whacked.


  • All the games you play as native games.
  • No virtual environment.
  • Ability to run Pixel shaders.


  • You will need a high performance PC.
  • Support only five games.


Xenia xbox emulator

Xenia is also a good emulator and secure 3rd place in our list. Xenia support a vast number of games and the developer regularly updated the emulator. Xenia emulate Xbox 360 and Xbox one games smoothly. You can feel some legs on playing heavy games. It’s regularly updated so it’s more stable and bugs free.


  • Support a vast number of games.
  • More stable and bugs free
  • Developer more active and regularly update the emulator


  • Feel some legs on heavy games.



It’s mainly built for Xbox 360 but you can play Xbox one game as well. Its only work on the Windows 64 bit OS. EX360E also convert the game file into windows executable file. Hence no virtual environment in between the game you play. In EX360E emulator you can play games smoothly because of its support GUI patches.


  • Smooth gaming experience.
  • No virtual environment.


  • Support only Windows 64 bit operating system.


Dxbx emulator

DXBX emulator shares the same source code as CXBX Emulator and packed with more feature. As CXBX DXBX also convert Xbox one games into Windows executable file. Hence no virtual environment in between the game you play. It is an open-source emulator and you can download free of cost.

It will work on all the version on of 32-bit windows operating system. If you have 64 bit OS version then DXBX won’t run. Keep in mind it basically Xbox 360 emulator but you can run Xbox one game as well.


  • DXBX come preloaded direct 3D engine.
  • Symbol detection.


  • Work only on 32-bit version Windows OS.



Box emulator is one of the best emulators in terms of graphics. In box emulator graphic quality is amazing, you can experiences real good graphic in games as compare to others. Box emulator is free of cost. Support most of the Xbox one game.


  • Support Xbox one and Xbox 360 games.
  • You can play most of the games.
  • Graphics quality is good.

7. PCSX2


It is an open-source emulator and runs on Linux and Windows operating system. As box emulator, it can also support most of the game and graphics quality is also good. You can play games in networks and increase other functionality through the plugin. You can play heavy games easily and smoothly.


  • Use any controller to play the games.
  • Open-source emulator run both in Linux and Windows.


  • PCSX2 support high graphics games so you need a powerful computer.

8. VR Box 360 Emulator

VR Box support Windows XP to Windows 10 computer. This emulator is almost bug free emulator and support only Xbox 360 games.

 VR Box 360


  • Use any controller to play the games.
  • Support many version of windows PC from window XP, 7, 8 and 10


  • We didn’t find any cons but its new in the market and tested between gamer.


With the help of Emulator, you can play your favorite games or application on your PC. Xbox emulator gives the ability to play Xbox games on your Windows computer and play tons of Xbox games in your pc. In this article, we cover the best Xbox emulator on the globe. All the emulator lists have handpicked and tested by us. We know that emulator in this list is not perfect. There are some Pros and cons but you can get the best gaming experience.

I hope this article helps you to choose the best Xbox emulator on that list. If you have any question or confusing to selecting the emulator please comment in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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