How to setup Gmail as default email Handler for email link

In this article you will learn how to setup Gmail as default email Handler for email link. But before start first we know what is email handler?

What is the email handler?

Email Handler is an application that runs when a user clicks on the Mailto link or email link on a website. When a user clink on Mailto links than defaults emails client application open to send mails. There are many email clients applications in the market like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird, Postbox, eM client, etc

How to setup Gmail as default email Handler in chrome?

Launch Gmail web app in the Google Chrome browser.

Click on the three-dot right side of the screen, a drop-down menu open. Click on the setting option.

email Handler

In the google chrome setting window. Click on the advanced tab under the advanced tab click on Privacy and Security.

Under Privacy and Security click on the site setting.

email handler

In site setting select Handlers. After that ON toggle switch handle protocols.

chrome handle
chrome handle

Configure Gmail as default email Handler.

Open Gmail in Google chrome and click on the “Handler icon” you can see this icon in the address bar. First, check your login or not. If not then login into your Gmail account after that click on the handler icon.

setup Gmail as default email Handler
  • After clicking popup open. Click on the Allow radio button to open Mailto links.
  • At last click on the done button.
  • Now all the Mailto links open in your Gmail web app.

Note: If you can’t find the email handler icon in the address bar then rest your chrome browser. You can also use Google’s Mailto Extension for Google Chrome.

How to setup Gmail as default email Handler in Firefox?

First, launch your Firefox browser on your computer.

Click on the hamburger icon on the right-hand side in your Firefox browser. Click on that after clicking the dropdown menu open.

firefox setting

In the dropdown menu click on Option setting. Now you can see all the Firefox setting option.

In General setting scroll a little bit to find the Application section.

In the Application section, you can see Mailto option click on that. If you can’t find Mailto option then search Mailto in the search box in the Application section. After finding click on the mailto option.

Gmail as default email Handler in Firefox

When you click the mailto option is highlighted and you can see a dropdown on the right side of the application table. Click on that and you can see the “Use Gmail” option.

Click on the Use Gmail option and Firefox automatically saves this setting for you.

Finally, Gmail set as a default email Handler in Firefox and all mailto links open in your Gmail mail web app in your Firefox browser.

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