How can add Category and subcategory in WordPress permalink

It is an important part and plays a major role in SEO of any site. Most of the new blogger who just started blogging will be neglected because they didn’t know what it is, how can play an important role in SEO of our website. Due to that newbie blogger fail to optimize the website in search engine and reduce website ranking.


What is Permalink?

It is a static or permanent link (web adders of your Post) of your Post and Page in your website. Like Around the world, many websites have different URLs structure and it totally depends on the owner of the website. If you use WordPress then the most probably chance you use default URL structure like that

Which is not SEO friendly and your website is not fully optimized in the search engine. You should avoid this type of permalink.

After that question is arises which type of URLs structure is the best, there are two type of URLs structure are mostly use first is without category and second is with the category. /subcategory/yourPost.

We prefer to use category in your permalink it will more SEO friendly.

Adding Category and subcategory in WordPress permalink

First, visit your WordPress admin panel and log in your Dashboard, after that navigate settings menu. You can see settings menu on the bottom of screen right.

Click on Settings and you see the Permalink option click on that, now you see all the option available to organize URL structure. Select the Custom Structure option you can see in the image we provided.


In the Custom Structure at the end, you can text input area type on that


 You can also select available button at the bottom of the custom structure %category% and %postname% click on that and input text area automatically fill.

Most important click on the save button don’t forget that and you done now category will be added on your post URL.

Now check on your post it will be updated or not. You cam see on the image  category is added.

If you want to also include subcategory in your post select only subcategory not the parent category.


If you adding multiple categories in your post then?

WordPress automatically chooses one and it will be done Alphabetical order
Let’s take an example you write an article on Samsung mobile and added into two category one is mobile and another tech then WordPress chooses mobile one because M comes first in alphabetical order

In that example mobile is parent category and Samsung is the subcategory.
We hope this article helps you to understand and importance of URL structure in our SEO. Please comment on that and share to help other people.

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