How to disable right click on a website

Are you worry about someone copying your website content?  want to disable right click to prevent copying your website content from your visitors. In this article, we will show you how to secure your content form copying via disable right click on a website. This trick works on any website if your website builds in custom code or any other CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Blogger. 


In some website, you notice that mouse right click button not working. therefore it helps to secure your content. Question is arise how disabling right mouse click secure our content?
When right click mouse button disable due to visitors can’t copy your content easily because copy or past option does not available to the user as a result your content secure. Copy function only available only in right click. Even he can’t view the source code of your website.
Any blogger or website owner work hard to maintain the website content. He/she spend weeks or month to research on his/her own work and write or design own original content but some thief copies their content and use in own website without any permission.

How to disable right click on the blogger

If your site builds in Blogger platform then follow these steps.
Step 1. Login in your blogger dashboard
Step 2. When you login in a blogger dashboard you see some blogger menu in the right side select Layout.
Step 3. In a Layout section click on Add a Gadget in a sidebar right.
Step 4. When click on Add a Gadget a pop up window open
Step 5. In this window select the HTML/JavaScript option.
Step 6. A new window open in this window first of all, paste the given Code in the text area and save that.
Now right click will be disabled on your blogger website.


 How to disable right click on WordPress

Step 1. Login in your WordPress dashboard.
Step 2. In your WordPress dashboard click on Appearance and then select Widget.
Step 3. In the widget section, you can see lots of option. Select Custom HTML.
Step 4. When you click on Custom HTML option a new pop up window is open.
Step 5. Add code in the text area and save the widget.
Finally, you can disable right click function on your Blogger and WordPress website.
If you have some coding knowledge then you can disable right click function directly on your theme code. So you have no need to add a widget.
Open on your C Penal click on the File Explorer.
Open your theme folder select header.php
Add code in between head tag <head>……..</head>
Note: If you note familiar in coding or you have some doubt, do not try this in your theme.

Right Click Disable Code for Blogger and WordPress


If you are Blogger or Content writer you always worry and afraid about someone copying your work. By this add on you can protract and minimize copying or stealing your article. 

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