Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is an essential part of today’s life. We cannot imagine life without phone, also its play an impotent role in our life like other body parts. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone in our day to day life.

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone

Advantages of Mobile Phone

Connect with Family and Friends

Connect to family and friends are the main advantage and disadvantage of mobile phone through WiFi or network, you will connect with your family and children when you are far from your home or may be in other country just press a few buttons.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a new term in digital banking, we can check account balance, transfer money to another account, open Fixed Deposit, open a new account and closed dormant account, pay bills and do many more through mobile banking.

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Now mobile phone is so smart that you can do whatever you want like Watching Movies, Play Games, Share your thought with others, control your remote control toys, travel virtually in anywhere around the world.

Pay Bills

We can pay almost any bill like Hotel bill, Electric bill, pay in the grocery store, through a smartphone with the help of digital wallet, it’s most famous in the younger generation.

Help in your study

Yes it’s also help in your study it is an amazing. Nowadays more than 90% of students use a mobile phone on their study’s as a result it improve grade in school. They attend online classes, read tutorials, watching video tutorials and there are plenty of learning app and tutorials in the google app store and apple app store.

advantages of mobile phone

In your Business

In today’s world run your business without a phone, it’s not possible, you need something to communicate with your client to run your business and cell phone gives you the ability to easily connect with your client. Cell phone works everywhere like a book table in the restaurant, order foods from a local shop etc.

Access to Emergency Services

In emergency you easily call emergency service like Police, Ambulance, Fire Station etc.

In your Shopping 

The cell phone is your big friend in your shopping. You can buy anything through the mobile phone like electronics, clothes, gifts, grocery and list going on. Search the latest fashion trend in the market and buy trendy fashion accessories and cloth online in your phone.


In our busy schedule, some time we forget our important meetings, with the help of a reminder we set our meeting schedule date and time and phone reminds us of our important meeting.


We can add a task in Notes on our phone and reduce errors in our life. Going to grocery store write a grocery item lists in our notes, in the meeting we can add important points, write day to day task in the notes app.

Route map in traveling

advantages of mobile phone

When we travel in new location GPS route map always help to find the right path and we travel without any interruption. Route map also help to tackle traffic, we see live traffic data in the route map and it’s one of the advantage of mobile phone

Above we discuss the advantages of the mobile phone but similarly there are  some disadvantages of the mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

Waste of Time

Many of the people stick with the mobile phone every time, it is a wastage of time and energy without any purpose. It is mainly seen in the younger generation. They spending more and more time in play gaming, online chatting, similarly youngster waste most of the time on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Privacy Concern

Privacy violation is the most important concern in today’s life. If personal and business record not protracted properly it will be miss use and violated by other people.

Data stolen

We store all the data like Personal photo, Video, Document on the mobile phone. If someone has excess on our phone probably it will be easily stolen.

Phone is your Life

All the data is store like photo, videos, contacts and documents are store in the mobile phone. If you battery loss or stolen your phone, it means you loss you life. You can not access you data and you get in a big trouble.

Distance from family

Family’s live in the same house but far from each other because of the mobile phone and it is the main disadvantage of. We always use the phone due to it creates distance from our family and relative.

Loss in study’s

Student’s always sticking with the mobile phone and they spend more and more time playing the game, online chatting as a result students always suffer in studies.


disadvantages of mobile phone

Some of the people use the phone while driving and it is the main cause of accident and loss of life. It is increasing day by day because people are more addicted to mobile phone and continues use phone while they drive. 


disadvantages of mobile phone

Mobile phone-emitted radiation every time when it’s on and receives and send the signal from near bee mobile tower. If we use continues every time, this radiation is harmful and it’s one of the disadvantages of mobile phone. Because of this radiation people suffer Cancer problem, effect in sperm count in male etc.

Effect in Health

Most important disadvantage are effect in health. The improper and continues use of mobile phone will seriously effect in our health. The user may be suffering in wrist, hand and neck pain. Eyesight problem also arises for prolonged use of mobile phone.


Use of mobile phone is necessary for our daily life like water and food we didn’t imagine our life without a mobile phone. It has some advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone in points but it totally depends upon people, how he/she use it.

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