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Password Strength Checker

Enter your Password to check the strength, how secure your passoword is?
Test Your Password
Minimum Requirements:

Minimum 8 characters in length

Contains 3/4 of the following items:
- Uppercase Letters
- Lowercase Letters
- Numbers & Symbols


This application is designed to check the overall strength of the password you enter. The password you type in this application is secure because we can not store any data on our server. Even all the data is not stored in your local cache or cookies, whatever you type is destroyed when you refresh the page or close the browser window. Please note, that this application does not utilize the typical "days-to-crack" approach is only for strength checker. This app is neither perfect nor foolproof, and it gives you feedback and uses as a guide to improving the password you have.

Additions Count Bonus
Number of Characters
Uppercase Letters
Lowercase Letters
Middle Numbers or Symbols
Letters Only
Numbers Only
Repeat Characters (Case Insensitive)
Consecutive Uppercase Letters
Consecutive Lowercase Letters
Consecutive Numbers
Sequential Letters (3+)
Sequential Numbers (3+)
Sequential Symbols (3+)
    Exceptional: Exceeds minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Sufficient: Meets minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Warning: Advisory against employing bad practices. Overall score is reduced.
    Failure: Does not meet the minimum standards. Overall score is reduced.