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What is AdMob?

Admob is a Google’s advertising  publicizing platform which basically design to monetizing and promoting publisher or developer mobile application through google advertising. Admob fully integrated with Google analytics and provide intelligent insights.
It similar to Adsense, whereas Adsense use in website and blogs and Admob use in mobile application advertising service. Through Admob mobile developer or publisher rise money and maximize their ad revenue. Admob support Unity and Cocos game engine and Admob is available for Android and ios platforms.

Benefit of AdMob platform

  • Powered by Google’s ad technology
  • Cross-platform capability
  • Auto updates on Google Play

Monetize smarter

Earn more with Mediation
Intervention from the AdMob Network and more than 40 outsider promotion systems to maximize your record rates and increment earnings. Enable ad network optimization to generate the highest CPM from your mediated pile in real time.

Promote your app for free
Use free AdMob in house ads to cross-sell your other app (or your friends' apps) to your existing users.

Direct deals
Run your own direct conversation advertising deals with advertisers through the AdMob campaign.

Measure the Lifetime Value of your users

Admob automatically includes impression-level advertising revenues into Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) metrics. Make customized advertising experiences for each and every viewers of your audience segment and track their value growth. You can then use this data to define optimal user acquisition strategy for your app.

1. Log in to your AdMob account.

If you don't have account then create. You can easily register  in Admob Just enter your gmail account.



3. Add your app manually.

4. Select banner format and name your add.

5. You can Skip linking with Firebase.

6. Select and copy the Ad unit ID.

7. Past Ad unit ID into your application or game in the app unit ID field and done.

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