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What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is a Google free web service that is used to track visitor activities, such as how much time spent on a website is spent. Google Analytics provides website visitor behavior statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization SEO and marketing purposes. Anyone with a Google Account uses Google Analytics services for free.

Google Analytics Features

Real Time Reporting

Real-time allows you to monitor live visitor activity in your website or app. Google Analytics tracking code reports are updated continuously and each hit is reported in a few seconds. For example, you can see how many people are currently on your site, which pages, Post or events they are talking to, and which goal conversion is done.

  • Monitor whether new and changed content is being viewed on your site.
  • Understand your mobile app's usage through event tracking.
  • See that one day promotion is driving traffic to your site or app, and what pages are these users viewing.
  • Immediate effects traffic increase or decrease from a blog or a Post you can Monitor that data .
  • Verify that the tracking code is working on your site or app.
  • Monitor the goal completion when you test changes to your site.

Audience Demographics

Analyze users by age, gender, and interest categories

Demographics Overview: Distribution of sessions on your property by age group and gender. The session is the default key metric. You can also use % New session, Average Session, duration, bounce rate, or per session page.

Age: You see data breakdown by gender, then by interest. Behavior, and conversion data broken by age group. Below 18 Age group data are not included in statistics.

Gender: Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Metrics, divided by gender. When you drill in sex, you see breakdown by age group, Gender group (Male or Female) then by interest.

Interests Overview: All distribution of session data (or other key metrics) on your property by top ten interests in affinity categories, in-market segments and other categories.

Affinity Categories (Access): Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Metrics, divided by affinity categories.

In-Market Segment: Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Metrics Broken By In-Market Segment.

Other categories: Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Metrics divided by other categories.

Intelligence and Anomaly Detection

  • Whether the tracking code are present on your pages, and whether the existing code is properly configured
  • Goals like configuration discrepancies have suddenly stopped recording conversion
  • Whether your e-commerce data is being recorded properly

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Google Analytics is must have and important tool for small and medium sized retail and blogger websites. This system collects data through the JavaScript page tag that is inserted into the code of those pages or website, which the user wants to collect data. The page tag acts as a web bug to collect visitor information. However, because it is dependent on cookies, the system cannot collect data for users who have disabled them. Google also analyzing sampling data in its reports rather than analyzing all available data.

Google Analytics is implemented through universal code and is called Google Analytics tracking code, which is a snippet of JavaScript code that the website owner adds to every page of the website. When the customer browses the page (if JavaScript is enabled in the browser) the tracking code runs in the client browser and the visitor collects the data.
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