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How to Recover Corrupt PDF File

Hello, friends in this post we learn about how we can recover corrupt PDF file. If PDF file doesn’t open that means files will be corrupted. In that situation recovering data is too difficult. In this post, we show you some tips so you can repair your corrupt PDF files and restore as an original PDF file.

First Check Your PDF Reader

If PDF file doesn’t open, first check your PDF reader like Adobe Reader. Adobe reader is most common PDF viewer in all over the world. In the first check, PDF viewer runs in latest version or not if no. Then update your PDF reader.

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For Update Your Adobe Reader

• Open your Adobe Reader.
• Navigate to help and then check for updates.

• If Adobe reader hasn't up to date then update your adobe reader.

After that open your file in Adobe Reader. If this does not work then open adobe reader.

• Navigate to help.

• Repair Adobe reader installation.

For this process some error is going in adobe reader program will be healed automatically. If this process also not work for you then uninstall your adobe reader. After that goes Adobe website and download adobe reader latest version and install it. If it’s work then fine, if not then try alternative PDF program.

Try another PDF Reader

For viewing or reading PDF file adobe reader is not one option, try other PDF reader programs like Firefox reader or Sumatra PDF reader this program is free to use. Download this PDF reader and open a corrupt PDF file and check. In those situation adobe reader doesn’t work, this PDF reader software will work because they use a different algorithm to read PDF files. If that program also doesn’t work, then you will repair your PDF files.

Try PDF Repair Apps

For repair PDF file we use and help some application. Some software runs on a browser, we do not need to download and install in our computer. Like PDFAID, PDF Tools Online.
Some website to repair PDF files.

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Extract Data in PDF Files

If you do not fully repair your PDF file, then you can extract text and photo on those files. For extract photo and text with the help PDF converter program.
For text extraction, we use PDF to Word file converter Program and with the help of Pk PDF Converter, we extract image in corrupt PDF files In this tips and tools repair and open corrupt PDF files.

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