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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin nearly identical to Bitcoin and open source peer-to-peer Internet or Virtual currency. Litecoin released under the MIT/X11 , It's based on  open source software project and released on GitHub platform that near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world and faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin is fully decentralized  without any central authorities. Litecoin features are faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency.
Litecoin invented by Charlie Lee on Oct 7, 2011, He is a Google employee and Litecoin live on Oct 13, 2011.In 2013 it will be touch $1 billion market .

Difference Between Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Litecoin more faster than Bitcoin in Litecoin network process block every 2.5 min on the other hand Bitcoin take 10 min to complete the process therefore Litecoin processing time is faster than Bitcoin.  
Litecoin utilizes content in its verification of-work calculation, a successive memory-hard capacity requiring asymptotically more memory than a calculation which isn't memory-hard.

How do I use Litecoin?


  • Purchase Goods and services in online stores.
  • Buy and sell Litecoin in Exchange. 
  • Litecoin Wallet


  • Find some guy who deal with Litecoin you contact him via Email or call and sell or purchase Litecoin.
  • Find some local shop who accept Litecoin.

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