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IBM’s new supercomputer-Summit

IBM and U.S. The Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) today introduced IBM's new supercomputer-summit, the US's newest supercomputer. IBM claims that the Summit is as of now the world's "very powerful and most intelligent scientific supercomputer" as ever develop with the peak speed of 200,000 trillion calculation per second. When the new list is published after this list, then that performance should be kept comfortably at the top of the top 500 supercomputer rankings. It will also be marked for the first time since 2012 that an American based supercomputer holds the top position in that list.
mage credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

IBM's new Supercomputer-Summit, which has been working for some years, has two 22-core IBM Power 9 chips and 4,960 compute servers with six Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs. Overall, the system also includes 10 petabytes of memory. Looking at the presence of Nvidia GPU, it is no surprise that the system is also used for general high-performance computing workloads for machine learning and deep learning applications as well as for research in energy and advanced materials that you would expect to happen at Oak Ridge.

In today's announcement, ORNL Associate Laboratory Director of computing and computational science Jeff Nicholas said, "The AI-optimized hardware of the summit is an incredible tool for researchers to create intelligent software for analyzing heavy datasets and speeding up the search speed. The platform is also provided. "

IBM's new supercomputer-summit is one of the two next generation supercomputer, which is building IBM for the DEO. The second is Sierra, which will be placed in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Sierra, who is also scheduled to go online this year, is less powerful on 125 petaflop, but both systems are quite powerful in the DEE's arsenal than any other machine.

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