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FIFA World Cup 2018 hidden technology

FIFA World Cup 2018 hidden technology
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The biggest Carnival of football FIFA WORLD CUP soon start in Russia on June 14, 2018.  In Football carnival the not the team will play, but also technological innovation will also play an important role in this world tournament. In a tournament, various technical equipment in the background are set to provide extra support to the referee and give extra information to teams during the 64 matches.
the scientists will be probing all facets of the game for insights into disciplines as divergent as aerodynamics, psychology and the human physique.FIFA World Cup 2018 hidden technology

Telstar 18 official match ball

Adidas Telstar is based on the original Telstar, used in 18 1970 FIFA World Cup.
Telestar 18 comes with the latest communication technology. It plays an NFC chip embedded in the ball, and there is also a little Wi-Fi symbol on the focus of the technique. This is not the first time that Adidas has used such technology.

Video Assistant Referee

Based on the broadcast and audio equipment, this new technology was adapted for specific requirements of football in the last two years so that possibly the overriding vision of VAR "minimal intervention, maximum profit" could be completed.
This will be the first person to present World Cup video technology as an additional tool for the referee. According to FIFA, it will only be used for "correct and clear errors and corrected miss events" in clearly defined match-changing decisions. Referee Video Assistant can decide to rely on verbal information from the referee or to review the video footage before making your decision yourself on the sideline.

Goal-Line Technology

Goal-Line Technology first introduced in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
This referee tool in Russia will be again.Using information from 14 high-speed cameras, a signal is sent in the referee clock within one second, indicating that the ball has crossed the goal line.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems

The third major hidden technology available for team and crew member in each match are communication tools.Workstation and dedicated line directly connected to the technical and medical staff of the teams to communicate with coaching and medical staff.
FIFA says that the transit data of two optical tracking cameras tracking the players and the ball will be available to real time analysts with live footage from the selected strategic cameras.
The insights of technical information and communication links often allow for real-time conversations that can feed in their decisions during the match.

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