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Cloud service
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In Today's life we used different cloud services like Google drive, box, iCloud, DropBox, etc. One person use 2 to 3 cloud services, for managing all this ahaaa! It’s so frustrating.  In ZeroPc we easily connect all the cloud service into one platform. ZeroPc converted browser application into a desktop like experience. ZeroPC aim to provide affordable, easy and accessible desktops to users anywhere in the world.

Manage Your Personal Cloud

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With the help of ZeroPc Connect with your personal all cloud service and securely access all of your photos, music, documents and videos under in one window. Drag and drop any content from one service to another. Find and search everything in your cloud content in different services. Securely share any of the contents of any size with anyone safely. ZeroPC is available on the Web, iOS and Android.

Turn Your Browser Into a Desktop

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ZeroPC Cloud Desktop Online program transfer the browser into the full desktop experience, User securely connects some popular services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, SkyDive and others, which can be excess from anywhere in a browser.The user can create new content / folders with a rich combination of web app and local app, drag and drop content from one service to another service. It’s provide up to 100 GB free storage.

Your Content Navigator for the Cloud

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator App for Android and Apple device gives you a unified and easy secure way to access all of the user’s cloud content regardless which services you use. With Cloud Navigator’s instant search, it’s easy to find, manage, access and share all of the user’s content on-the-go with a single ZeroPC login, right from your mobile phone or tablet. Browsing and finding your content from many different cloud services has never been easier. The App is available on iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Android Phone.

Access All Your Cloud from Your Desktop

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ZeroPC Cloud Connect for Windows gives you a access to get to all your content from your Windows File Explorer separated from the apart from cloud storage, without the browser or different syncing programs. This is a premium app for ZeroPC paid users with Starter or Pro account plans.

Get all the benefits of the cloud with the usefulness of local access for those files. Open files online directly with your local Windows applications. Use Windows File Explorer to browse all your online content, familiar drag and drop, to manage files between local and cloud. Open on-demand via secure HTTPS connection without having to sync all your files on your desktop.
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